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Is the Qiwu Sea tyrant bear in One Piece? Is it a villain? What is his strength?


We know that when the Seven Wuhai tyrant bears appeared to the latest when Luffy defeated Croxal, the Navy held the Seven Wuhai Come to meet to the Klakdal. The position is the tyrant bear. The second appearance of the tyrant bear was when the horror three -mast boat was defeated after the moonlight Molia was defeated, and he wanted to take away Lu Fei.

However, we all know that he is testing. After all, he is the revolutionary army and his dragon is a friend. Naturally, he will not really catch Luffy's navy; fortunately, Sauron came forward later, although he knew he could not defeat the big bear, But willing to exchange Luffy with your own life. So is the tyrant bear as one of the Qi Wuhai be a villain? What is his strength?

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Tyrant bear

How hard is the strength of the tyrant bears? After all, the tyrant bear in the One Piece is not many times, and only a few times; but it can be seen from the short few times. The ranking of Qiwuhai should also be in the top three positions. It is a powerful figure in Qiwuhai. It is deeply trusted by the navy and is known as the most listening to the navy.

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Its demon fruit ability and offensive and defensive is a more perfect demon fruit. It is estimated that this is related to the development of the big bear. After all, the name of his demon fruit is meat ball fruit. It was just developed almost invincible effects. Blasting meatballs can pop up the ability of physical damage, as well as the air cannon skills that compress the air for attack, which is the most perfect person to develop fruit ability in One Piece.

Meat ball fruit

Moreover, his body as a scientific weapon of the world government was continuously improved. When he appeared 2 years ago, he easily abused the straw hat group. Because of the somewhat injury, even if everyone was not injured, it is estimated that it would not be the opponent of the big bear. After all, when I was in the incense islands, they all shot all the people in the straw hat group. Essence


And from the performance of the big bear on the top, even in the face of the cadres of the revolutionary army, his former friend Iwankov also defeated easily. He should be the second combat power of the revolutionary army. It is estimated that even Saab now may not be the opponent of the bear. Therefore, Xiao Ai believes that the tyrant bear, as one of the old -fashioned Qiwuhai, should have the strength of almost close to the navy general. Otherwise, the balance between Qiwuhai and General of the Navy and the Four Emperors will not be able to talk about it.

Sauron to the big bear

So is the big bear in One Piece a bad guy?

This is naturally not considered, not only is not a bad person, but also a big good person; as Saab said that the big bear is a very gentle person; and he can also be regarded as the benefactor of the entire straw hat group, because he has obeyed from his obedience. They shot Luffy's hands in the hands of the ape, and they had their own cultivation for 2 years. Without the bear, Luffy would not have the current achievements.

Big bear is a good person

Therefore, for the entire straw hat group, the big bear is considered their benefactor. Even if the bear has lost his personality now, the straw hat group will not forget his kindness, and he still protects them in the two years that they cultivated in Luffy. Their pirate ship is the true great benefactor of Luffy.

Bear protects the sun

However, the current tyrant bear is very miserable, because he lost his personality, and is now being used as a strongest thugs by Tianlong people, and he is constantly being rented between the Tianlong people. Fortunately Joa wants to recapture the big bear, but the progress does not seem to be so smooth. After all, it doesn't seem to be so easy to save people from the hands of the two naval generals.

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The strongest slave bear

Fortunately, there is another variable, which is one of the supernovas, Penny. He seems to have some relationship with the bear. The biggest possibility is the daughter of the big bear. The key to the rescue of the big bear is still on her. In One Piece, the big bear is a big good person and a very gentle person. I do n’t know why it is called a tyrant. It is estimated that there is any hidden feelings.

The above is the view of Xiaoai. As the old -fashioned Qiwuhai, the tyrant bear should have the strength of almost the navy general. It is a good person among One Piece, or Luffy's benefactor. If you also agree with the point of view of Xiao Ai, please leave a message below the article to say your point of view; if you have other different views on the answer of Xiao Ai, please leave a message below the article to say your point of view.

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