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Inventory of One Piece: the strongest three -person group ranking


TOP 5 "Three Disaster"

The three disasters are three powerful generals of the Kaido Beast Pirates. As the strongest creature in the world, Kaido himself was also famous for his three major disasters. A "drought" Jack rewarded up to 1 billion Berry. Although his ivory was always ridiculed by netizens, the ivory value 9 100 million, personal value of 100 million, but its strength should not be too bad.

However, dare to be suspected of being died with the main name of the elephant, and the two disaster -looking levels that have not appeared should be above Jack. It is said that these guys are brutal and killing. They should soon be lunch in the country of peace.

TOP 4 "Sanjo Star"

The three generals are the representatives of the highest combat power of the aunt Pirates. However, the two of them, the two generals, and Luffy defeated them with their own stubbornness. The rewarding bounty is 860 million Belry's granic rack and the rewarding bounty is as high as 157 million Belry. , But the powerful strength of these two "stars" is obvious to us.

As for Simuji, one of the stars, there was no outstanding performance, but the juice technology was quite powerful, but looking at her back with a giant sword, her opponent should arrange to Sauron. The trip to the cake island is not really fighting with the aunt, so he will definitely play in the later period, looking forward to their re -competition.

TOP 3 three generals

The original three generals: red dogs, yellow apes, and green pheasants, as the highest combat power of the Navy's headquarters, otherwise, the devil fruit is the top natural system. Although the war on top of the top of the war, as a Buddhist warrior, there is a serious phenomenon of strokes, but the strength it shows is also strong enough to travel freely between many strong people.

Two years later, Qing Ye resigned, the red dog became marshal, and the new general became a yellow ape, rattan tiger, green cattle, and the strength of Fujito and Green Bull was described as monsters. With super strength, it has become a general of the Navy. Fujita shows the strength of the BUG that can control gravity in Tokushima. The strong outrageous. So what kind of powerful strength will the green cattle show the next appearance? Are you looking forward to it ~

TOP 2 three major combat power

The three major combat power of the straw hat group, Luffy, Sauron, and Sanji, many people suspect the strength of Sanji, but I think this setting should not change. The three of them are still the three major combat power of the straw hat group; although The impact on boarding the boat can only show that the overall strength has been improved, and the status of these three people has not shaken. Two years later, Luffy Fisheries Island Xiaoshi Dominer's domineering, Sauronde Island showed a strong armed color, Sanji Cake Island revealed the good color. The three of them had their own strengths. When it became stronger, when the front is hard, the three of them may usher in a real comprehensive outbreak.

TOP 1 Three Brothers

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Three brothers: Ace, Saab, Luffy. The three brothers are probably the strongest combination in One Piece. Helpless Teacher Oda forced this "combination". Compared with two brothers, maybe Luffy is the weakest one. Ace, who has the ability to burn fruit, was invited by the world government to be the king of Qiwuhai at the age of 17, and a five -day battle for the battle of the Baihuzi Erfan team. General level. In the same year, Saab, at the age of 17, learned for armed colors and hearing color. With his strong physical technique, he repeatedly worked for the revolutionary army and ranked second leader of the revolutionary army and the second leader of the revolutionary army. Today, 19 -year -old Luffy has also been named the "Fifth Emperor", with a reward of up to 1.5 billion Belli.