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What story does "Attack on Giant" tell? Giant Plot Full Analysis


Attack giantStarting serialization in 2009, and now the comics have ended, so giantWhat story does you tell? Let's take a look together

  • The origin of the giant

About 2,000 years ago, there was a girl named Yumi, who was originally justA slave of a small country, this country is calledEldia

One day Umier's kindly let go of the pig soldiers used to hunt for hunting. After the King of Eldia, the King of Eldia asked Yumier to replace the released prey pigs for soldiers to hunt.FugitiveUmirThe lake under a tree hole accidentally fell into a giant after contacting an unknown underwater creature (similar -like insect) like a spine.

Image 60808
Yomar let go of hunting pigs
Contact with unknown sea biology

Umir, who won the power of the giant, did not escape, but returned to Eldia and became the concubine of King Friez. (Why did Yomar, who already had the power of giants, returned to Eldia? I believe that this may be related to the long -term slave identity of Yumier, maybe that slavery is engraved in DNA), right?), Right?), Right?King Friez uses the power of Yamar's giant to fight for the QuartetFast opening of Xinjiang expansionIt soon resolved the big country of Malai at the time, and Eldia changed from a small country to the Eldia Empire.

King Flitz and Umier gave birth to three daughters: Maria, Rosse, and Hina, which was the name of the three giant walls of Paradi Island.

At a ceremony,UmirKing of the assassin who was blocked by King Tadritz was "dead" through the body (in fact, this damage was not enough for Yomar, becausePeople who have the power of giants have their own ability to heal, but Yomar did not wake up. Maybe she is really tired, unwilling to wake up) ,When Yumier "died" was the thirteenth year of gaining the power of the giant, so all the wisdom giants later could only live for thirteen years.

Umiles blocks the spear for King Friez

King Friz is unwilling to lose the power of Yumier's giant,He asked his three daughters to eat Yomar, Thus successfully inherited the power of the giant from her hand.Yumier lost her body and was trapped in the coordinate space called "Lu".Eternity and eternal life serves her descendants (Always use sand to make giants for Eldia people,Since 2000, all giants have been created by her)

Friez familyAfter several generations of reproduction, the shape and number of giants have stabilized in 9,They are:

Founder: Those who have the king blood inherit the ancestor giant, can control the ability of other giants to enter the coordinates

Attack giant: The giant will keep moving forward no matter which era

Oversized giant: A 60 -meter -high giant can evaporate muscles to produce steam endurance very poorly

Armist: The whole body is covered with armor with the defensive force that can resist the knife and gun and light firearm but sacrifice the mobility

Warhammer giant: The cockpit is not behind the neck, but uses crystals to wrap yourself to connect to remotely through the network cable to control the hardness of the giant crystal more than the armor. It can create a hard crystal material. Wait

Jaw giant: Smooth, mouth, hands, and other parts are covered with sharp minions, and have high attack capabilities and mobility

Beast giant: The appearance of the beast is slightly larger than other giants

Female giant: Has high -engine and continuous force, can be briefly stigmatized for local parts, can attract giants to eat themselves

Car giant: With excessive persistence, it can be returned to humans for a long time (for up to two months). A large amount of materials or equipment can be carried on the back

  • Eldia+Ma Lai


Time has arrived in modern times, long -termThe Males ruled by Eldia was unwilling, so the nine giants were not trusting with each other through the separation plan, causing Eldia to fight the civil war throughout the year. Because the ancestor giant still exists, even if there is a civil war, the forces of all parties are relatively balanced, and the giants will associate with the party.

Until the ancestor giant passed to the 145th generation,At that time, the 145th generation king of the ancestor giant (Karl Friez) Tired of the endless war between 9 giants,The 145 generation king believes that the Alfadians have brought the world for the world for thousands of years.

So, the 145th generation king led some EldiansMove to Paradi IslandEssence Top tens of millions of big giantsEstablish a three -story wall, which is called "human paradise."CoexistThe contract is not a contract (no longer uses the power of the ancestor giant to participate in any war. If the island outside the island to disturb the paradise peace, it will use the power of the ancestor giant to flatten the entire world).

Not to fight

145 generation king isPaladish IslandIn the first generation of the king, the king used the power of the ancestor giant tampering with the memory of the Edians in the wall (Think that the world outside the wall is full of people who eat people, and there is a paradise of human beings inside the wall.)。After the 145th generation of King Friez (Karl Friez) moved to the island, he changed his surname to Reyce (now King Friez on the island is only the puppet of the Reys family).


Under the deliberate arrangement of King Friez, 145, and under the leadership of the Daba family and fictional hero Holos, the Malai State finally defeated Eldia and successfully resumed the country (In fact, Holos is only a fictional figure, and the Daba family has never defeated the ancestor giant. Instead, the 145th generation king was tired of fighting and took the initiative to move to Paradi.)。

Because of thisDefeating the ancestor giant's sceneMa Lai was considered by other countries in the world to successfully defeat the country of the Demon (Giant) and is also known as the "Kingdom of Heroes." With the help of the war hammer giant, Ma Lai Guo continued to invade other countries,The road to rule the world is constantly growing.

Hero Holos

The Malai domestic nations mainly include the Ma Lai. The Eldia people (the rest were taken by the Eldians of the 145th generation to the wall. Why didn't Ma Lai kill the residual Eldians?Ma Lai's senior management hopes to expand outward with the power of the giant, so the Eldians allow them to allow them to be the "unbeatable giant" to enhance the military power of Ma Lai.)。

Among them, the Malaysia, as the main ethnic group, is a first -class nation. EldiaBe held inA place called the Eldia's shelter areaHere the Edians are divided into three or six nine (distinguished by wearing different colors).

In the containment area, the thoughts accepted by the Aldia people are: we (Eldia) are descendants of the devil, and if those of us do not want to be the "Eldian of Sin", we must be loyal to Malai service,Become a reputation of the Malai and wash our ancestors' sins.If there is resistance, it will affect the family members, and the giant spinal fluid is injected together to become a giant unparalleled giant and exile.

  • The ancestor recovery plan

With the development of technology. The power of the giant that the Ma Lai Empire has always rely on is gradually losing its previous dominance. The world began to appear in the world to resist the Ma Lai Army. At the same time, an organization named "Eldia's Repentance" inside the Male Empire quietly rose.

In order to cope with the crisis, the Ma Lai military decided to launch a targetPaladish IslandThe "Ancestor Sealing Plan" and gathered four people (the giant of Marseille's jaw, the giant of Leina's armor, the big giant of Belrto, and the female giant of Yani). "The ancestor's recovery plan" (This plan was ordered to be described as a group of four people preparing to sneak in in human formsislandInside, toislandIn the hidden identity, the soldiers were waiting for the opportunity to take awayislandThe power of the Inner King Friez family).

The ancestor seized the plan of the four -person group

In a picnic on the way to the island, their whereabouts shocked Yomar, who was sleeping under the place where the four -person picnic place was in the form of unparalleled giants (Umir, where the ancestor giant of 2,000 years ago, Yomaer Ritz had nothing to do), and Umir immediately rushed to the Leina she saw. The shocked Rena was pushed away by Marseille and escaped, but Marseille was swallowed by Yomar. Umier later joined104 training soldiers.

Marseille was swallowed by Umir
Jaw giant Yayoi

ps:Eldia's recovery faction isIt is composed of the secrets of the Eldia who are dissatisfied with Malai, theyLurking in Male,The nationalism that pursues the anti -Malai Eldia, the goal is to rebuild the powerful Erdia in the past, and take pride in the people of Yumier, and believes that the people of Yomar are the people of the heavenly candidates.

  • "History" inside and outside the island

The history in Paradi is the same: More than a hundred years ago, the human natural enemy "giant" suddenly appeared in the world. Humans were eaten close to extinction. The remaining humans fled to Paradi, covering a huge three -fold wall. They are: Maria Wall, Rosse's Wall, Hina's Wall, people have enjoyed peace in this isolated environment.

History outside Paradi is the caseThe Eldia people Yomar said that he signed a contract with the "Demon of the Earth" and won the power of the giant (So the Edians are descendants of the devilTo. For thousands of years, the Eldia Empire has been using the power of giantsSlaveryEssence However, the Malai rose up and used the contradictions of several giant familys to create the current Ma Lai after being broken.

The legendary earth devil and the ancestor of the transaction Yomar

Eldia's re -rights faction thinks: The Eldia Empire has been using the power of giants for thousands of yearsAssist people in the world to develop land and make humans move towards the road of prosperityThe recovery faction believes that Male's historical records of ancient Aldia's slavery in other countries were fabricated by Ma Lai, in order to use to slander the ancient Aldia.

Eldia Reunion School
  • Story opening

When our protagonist Allen Jergel was ten years old, the 60 -meter -high "super -large giant" suddenly appeared, destroying the gate with overwhelming power. The Wall of Maria was broken (has sneaked into the islandThe "Ancestor Retreat Plan" team has begun to engage in things)Then disappeared instantly, and the brutal giants rushed into the city to prey on humans. Maria WallOne -third of the land between the walls of Luo Sai fell into a giant. 20 % died of the giant's mouth. The remaining humans fled into the wall of the second wall-Rosse.

Giant destroys the gates

The protagonist Allen's mother died of the giant population, but her father, Grisa, did not know. Allen's determination to expel all giants and good friendsAlminHe and his family joined the 104 -phase training forces and began a hard training career.

Five years later, the oversized giant rolled back again, and the wall of Rosse was broken. Allen's soldiers, including residents, fought fiercely to cover residents' retreat. In the battle with the giant, Allen was found to have the power of giants, and Allen suddenly turned into a 15 -meter giant from a human. Then he attacked other giants (why Allen turned into a giant, all related to a person's fatherGrisa Jegel, the next chapter will explain in detail)。

Allen who transforms into a giant

Allen, who was discovered as a giant, was subsequently reviewed. During the review, he was criticized by Alan's giant status.The head of the investigation soldierElvinPersuade DarrisAllen to the investigation soldiers, and the protective people of Liver Akman.

After joining the investigation, Allen ushered in the 57th outside investigation. In the 57th wall survey, Elvin was carefully planned for hunting for out -of -the -right spies. He used Allen as a bait. The giant enemies who lurk in humans appear in their original shape. Sure enough, a wise female giant appeared.

But the first hunting plan failed, and the emergence of female giants affirmed Elvin's idea. The enemy must be by our side. In the subsequent second hunting female giant, the female giant was found to be Allen's 104 training soldiers.·Renhart. But at a critical moment, Yani sealed herself in a hard crystal.

Ani seal herself in the hard crystal
  • Story of Gree Sha

Grisa Jegel (Allen's father)Born in a doctor's house in the capital of Male's capital Rebelo Eldia. He has a sisterPhil in Jegel.They are like most Edians, and they have never left half a step away from the shelter area.

Until that day, in order to watch the airship, they stole togetherContainment areaRunning out of the brothers and sisters outside the shelter areaCaptured by the Ma La military officer Crug and Gulos, GrisaquiltCrug (A Ma Lai officer is also a "枭" in the future.He kicked a fierce kick for punishment, and the sister was by another officerGulos took it away, but Gulos did not send Fei home, but drove her son's dog to bite her.

Grisha and sister Philip sneaked out of the air -seeking airship

My sister's death has a great impact on Grosa, GarrishaTherefore, a strong hatred for Ma LaiEssence When he grew up, he joined the Eldia re -rights faction and vowed to rebuild Eldia.

Grisa joins Eldia Reunion School

Eldia's reinstateLitter"In full swing in the information, Grosa has also become a pivotal figure.Here I met his wife Dena Friez. She has royal descent.They got married and gave birth to their son Gick.

Grisha and his wife Dina and son Gick

At that time, Ma Lai's senior management was recruiting soldiers for the "Ancestor Retreat Plan". Grisha believed that this was an excellent opportunity (Eldia's re -rights faction may seize the power of a giant or even the ancestorEssence He let his 7 -year -old son Gick signed up for a warrior class.So crazy instill the idea of rehabilitation for Gick.

Grisa brainwashing to Gick

But I never expected to be my son, the hope of the re-power faction-GickIt was revealed to Ma Lai and reported that Eldia's re -rights sent all members(In this incident, Gick accidentally heard the talked of the soldiers, and the re -rights faction had exposed his parents had been locked. After consulting the beast giant's owner Tom Kusaka, Xiao Jik had to do so, at least at least, at least You can keep your grandfather).

Gick reports his parents

The members of the Elfia Rehabilitation of Eldia were sent by Ma LaiBeing injecting spinal fluid and becoming a giant unparalleled giant, sent to the paradise, including the wife of Grisa, DanaEssence InGrisaThe moment he was turned into a giant unparalleled giant, the hidden behind him finally came forward. It turned out that he was the executioner of this time and the Ma Lai officer who violently beat him more than ten years ago. He showed his power of his giant, and then resolved the Male soldiers present. The real name of the is Allen Crug

ToldGrisaThe life span is already in the end, and the person who has inherited the power of the giant has only 13 years of life. He gaveGrisaSales the task. ----- "Live, lurk on the island, wait for the opportunity to seize the power of the ancestors, and go to the people in the island."

GrisaIn the loss of the sorrow of lover and career, the power of the giant inherited-named the Attack Giant. Running to Paradi with the mission. Years later,GrisaHe became a home on the island and gave birth to a son-named Allen Jergel. (It is the name of the 名-Allen·Gruck), but he never forgotten the task that he gave him to him.

Grisha investigated in the island for many years, and finally discovered the real royal familyReyce (King Friez in today's wall is just the puppet of the Reys family)He ate the ancestor giant holder at the timeBehind Fuli RezMost of the children of the Rez family were killed by GrishaHeathlia and her fatherRodrezIs the only bloodline)。

Soon, the Wall of Maria was destroyed by super -large giants and armor giants, and humans on the island lost 1/3 of the territory.That night, Grieis Jegel found his son Allen at the survivor camp, and asked Allen to regain Maria's wall and must enter his basement, where there are very important things ----For the person in the wall, the facts of this world.

Grisa take Allen away

After Grisha Jegel injected Allen a giant potion, Allen became a giant ate his father and inherited the ancestor+attack from his father. Due to the role of the pharmaceutical agent, Allen forgot this memory (this is why Allen has the power of giants).

Allen inherited the giant+ancestor giant
  • Hitlia

Since the 145th generation king moved to the island, the Reys family is the islandThe actual ruler inside is the object of loyalty of the gendarmerie. Grasp the power of the ancestor giant and the history of the wall, the heirs of the power of the ancestor giant have the ability to tampering most people's memory.

Later, the power of the ancestor giant was taken away by Grisa, and the surviving family owner Rodrez concealed the matter to the gendarmerie in order to protect his rights. The intention secretly took the only illegitimate blood of the blood to Hitlia back to the royal family, but was discovered by the gendarmerie led by Kenny. Kenny intends to kill the mother and daughter of Heathlia in order to cover up the royal scandal. In order to let the gendarmerie stop, Rhrodes had renamed Histea into the training soldiers before he could save his life.

In order to recapture the power of the ancestor giant and covering up the secrets of the city walls from the investigation soldiers, Rhodes announced that he arrested most of his investigators through the gendarmerie and went directly to the army to capture Allen and Hitlia.

Rod hopes to eat Allen's ancestor giant, but Hitlia refuses. After the intention of Rhode's intention to make Hitlia inherit the ancestor giant, he turned herself into a giant on the occasion of despair. , Being by Heathlia himself.

Investigator supportHeathlia became the queen.

Heathlia becomes the queen on the island

After the crisis is lifted,The investigation soldiers finally moved towards the Wall of Maria, which had been occupied for five years,The investigation soldiers regained Sigan Hina District, but they also lostElvinAlmost all members, Almin's ability to gain a super -large giant by eating Bernatt.

SubsequentlyEveryone came to the basement of Allen's house as expected and found three laptops left by Gree Sha, which described the world outside the island, and finally everyone came into contact with the cruel facts of the world.

One year later, the investigation soldiers explored the edge of Paradi, and it was a sea.When everyone joked in the sea, Allen pointed to the other side of the sea and said, "Can we get the enemy over the sea, can we become ~ 自 由 ~" Everyone? "Everyone?" silence.

Allen finger sea
  • On the other side of the sea (Malai article)

Parady Island has made a rapid progress between the four years after the war of the Maria Wall, and continued to narrow the gap with the external world.

After the battle in Maria's wall was defeated in the war, because of the loss of oversized giants and female giants in Paradi Island, it had a four -year war with the "United Army of the Middle East" that had always been evil. According to progress, the power of the giant no longer has the power of rule on the battlefield. After this battle, countries around the world realized that the era of giants had passed. At this time, Ma Lai was in the deep water.

Ma Lai fought with the Middle East United Army

At the same time, Gick's plan is to make the Eldia people collectively lose their fertility, so that after a hundred years, the purpose of the Aldians (Gick's plan is undoubtedly influenced by Cushawa, but he has improved the plan himself.I will publish a separate article in Gick's story). Allen disguisedA strange man lurking in Ma Lai, who had broken his legs and his eyes was blind.


One day after 4 years (When I regain the wall of Maria, Allen is 15 years oldAt this time, Allen was 19 years old.) The Daba family, who had the warhammer giant, visited Ma Lai and negotiated with the Malai military to attack Paradi Island (On the one hand, the ancestor giant; on the other hand, it can also solve the threat on the island; at the same timeInspiring the hatred of Paradi Island in the world, shifting their hatred for Ma Lai, and avoiding countries that launch an attack on the current backward horse of science and technology.To. Before attacking Paradi Island,Willie DabaA generous speech was given in front of politicians around the world.

Welley Daba Passionate speech

Just as Willie Daba was generous, he revealed the "history" 100 years ago. It turned out that 100 years ago, the 145th generation king chose peace and took the giants and Eldia to Paradish Island. Now, the abominable Allen has captured the ancestor giant and is grinding the knife on Paradie Island.Paradi Island is the source of destroying world peace!We can't sit and wait!

As he describes how terrible Allen, how terrible Paradi Island, expressed that after the war on Eldia, the lurking Allen made the giant to break the soil, and to tear Willy fiercely to tear the Willy of Willy. · Daba's body.

Allen's assault speech scene

After Allen became a giant to kill Willie Daba,Daiba's sister, transformed into a war hammer giantRather than fighting, although the upper hand in the early stages of the battle, it can be lost by Allen due to less practical experience and a large amount of use. at the same timeGick was also intentionally captured by the investigator and took it back to Paradi.

Allen swallow the war hammer giant

ReturnPaladishOn the airship, Ma Lai warriors, Jia Bi and Farco also came to the airship through the three -dimensional device. When investigating the soldiers to celebrate the success of the task, Jia Bi turned over and killed Sasha.

  • Ground

After returning to Paradi, Jia Bi and Farco were detained, Allen was also detained for unauthorized operations in Ma Lai, and Gick was detained in a forest by the captain.

After seeing Allen's memory in the future, Allen clarified his mission, and he had to do what he had to do next. Allen escaped the dungeon with the ability of the war hammer giant to meet with Yegger, and he had to meet with Gick as soon as possible.

Allen and Jegel

ps:The Yogel faction is a faction in Paradi Island. The main people are Allen Jergel. The core members are Flock and others. Foreigners, especially hate Malai, believe that the Eldia people are victims, intending to revive Eldia, and firmly believe that Allen Jegel, who defeats the Malai Army with one person, is to save Eldie Asian savior.

Gick's side (since he joined forces with Paladish Island, he has been transporting red wine with his own spinal fluid to Paladish Island. One of Gick's ability is to be able to pass the roar that he can drink his spinal fluid. People become noGiant) Gick shouted while the captain did not pay attention to shouting, and all the 30 investigators who drank red wine became a giant, GickI believe that Liver is unwilling to kill the subordinates and can flee smoothly,But the captain still killed these companions.

Gick subsequentlyForced to transform by Liver, Gick's body was dragged out of the giant body and inserted a thunder gun during the battle.Essence In order not to be controlled, Gick has detonated herselfThunder gun, Brugging the captain, at the same time, was also severely damaged. When he was dying, he was brought to the road by the ancestor Yumiel. Yomar re -pinched his body with sand. Gick returned to the world. Patto came, Gick followed Jegel and went to Allen to meet.

On the other hand, Ma Laijun entered Paradi under the leadership of Lena. At this time, the forces of the two sides met in Hipkhina (Southern City of Maria Wall

In the battlefield of Hilighina, Allen relied on the ability of the war hammer giant to pull with one person and the giant of the palate, the giant of the armor, and the car giant. But still unable to carry the anti -giant cannon used on the car giant. At this time, Gick rushed to the battlefield.

Now the royal blood holder (Gick) and the ancestor giant holder (Allen) are close at hand. In order to prevent them from unbuttoning the contract, the Ma Lai forces began to fight for them to prevent them from contacting them. Roar, all people who have drank Gick spinal fluid red wine all turned into unparalleled giants (including Falco). Under the cover of the giant, Allen is about to reach Gick's position. At the moment of it, Jia Bi (Jia Bi Bi Bi (Jia Bi Bi (Jia Bi Bi (Jia Bi Bi (Jia Bi Bi It was rescued by Pique and came to the battlefield. He shot Allen's head, and Allen's head fell on Gick's hand.

The moment Gick came into contact with Allen, Gick and Allen also entered the coordinate space named road at the same time. In the road, they metThe ancestor Yumier,Gick requires the ancestor Yomar to implement his own plan (Gick's urination has hoped that Eldia's hatred will disappear from the world, and he plans to use the ability of the ancestor giant to change the physical structure of Eldia's physical structure to make the Eldia people unable to give birth. A hundred years later, the Edians can be automatically extinct).

Yomar in the "Road"

Allen confessed to his Gick that he actually opposed his plan, and Gick believed that Allen had been affected by his father. In order to save Allen, he looked at his father's memory with Allen. After exploring his father's memory with Allen, Gick found that Grisha did not have any excessive education on Allen, but let it grow. This made Gick confused and wondered why Allen became like this now. Allen said He has never changed since his birth.

In the memory of Gurisha's plundering ancestor that night, when Girisha hesitated to kill the Rez family, but Allen suddenly walked to him to encourage his father to plunder his ancestor giant and killed the Rez family.

Look at the memories
Allen encouraged his father to gain the power of the ancestor giant

There is no time in the coordinate road. The moment in reality may be here for thousands of years. Umir in the road is like a girl without personal will. In this endless time, use sand to pile up one after another after another. Giant, transmitted to the real world through the power of coordinates.

Allen stepped forward and hugged Umir. He asked Yomar and told Yomiel that she was alone, not a slave or a god. She could choose what she wanted to refuse, and Yomar was awakened.

After Allen successfully persuaded the ancestor Yomar, the ground was launched to master Allen, who had mastered the power of the ancestor giant, and declared his death to the world of Yomiezi people all over the world. And successfully let the oversized giant traveled through the ocean to step on Ma Lai, and launched the destination project that expelled all the lives of the world.

Allen tried to wake up Umir
Umir was awakened

In the real world, Allen's falling head suddenly grew a spine and connected to the body. The three city walls of Paradi were gradually collapsed, and the ground was opened. Essence

Allen in the real world

On the land of Ma Lai, Ma Laijun has already made all deployments. They saw a group of giants walking towards this side. That's the attack giant-Allen)

The giant in the city wall was awakened

Where the giant passes, all people, buildings, and trees are destroyed. The members of the 104th issue finally arrived at the core battlefield where Allen was located. At this time, Allen summoned the nine giants of all ages. Attacking the giant.

The source of the power of the giant, that is, the bugs who were parasitic in Yumier's body 2000 before 2000. At this time, the attack on the giant re -stood up and fought with everyone.

Allen conveyed a period of "choosing other answers" to Misaka and the memory of life with her life, and asked Sanya to forget him after his death, but Sanji expressed his rejection, re -surrounded the scarf, determined to set up Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Lun.

Almin's manipulating the big giant pinched Allen's head, and the captain bombed the attack giant's incisor with a lightning gun. Miyoshi took the opportunity to enter the attack giant's mouth to find Allen, and cut off the spine in the bulls connected by Allen. She hugged Allen's head and kissed up forgotten, "Go all the way, Allen."

Miyoshi took the opportunity to enter the mouth of the attack giant

After Allen's death, the power of the giant disappeared, and the memory of the conversation with Allen in the passage finally recovered. It turned out that Allen talked about the people in the passage after the beginning of the ground, but in order to make everyone determined to kill themselves to become a determination The new savior will temporarily delete its memory after the conversation, and it will not be recovered until his death.

Allen admits to Almin's words in his talks just to keep Almin and Sanji away from herself. He intends to eliminate 80 % of the world's population to make him unable to do it for Paradie Island for many years. And at the beginning, he used the power of the ancestor to enter the wall in order not to let Belrto swallow the ancestor by the Dana giant to cause the mother to be swallowed (because there was no concept of time on the road, and everything happened in an instant and at the same time. Allen has a way to control the past Dana giants).

Allen admits to Almin's love for Sanya, saying that he does not want to die, hopes to live with everyone, and entrusts the hope of saving humans to Almin.

The power of the giant disappears
Everyone remembers talking to the Allen Channel
  • Final Chapter (Goodbye, Allen)

In this way, the sources of the giant's power were destroyed, the power of the giant completely disappeared from the world, and people who became giants also recovered their original appearance. There are only 20 % survivors in the world outside the island.

Mikasa buried Allen under the trees where the outskirts of Siganina District were often resting. After three years, Misaki sat alone next to Allen's tomb. I really want to ... I really want to see you again. "At this time, a gull flew over with the bird's beak to rire the drop of his drops to her wings, so that Sanji broke his nose and thanked Ai again. Lun surrounded her scarf.