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One Piece Chapter 1055 Information: The title is the new era.


One Piece 1055 Intelligence ushered in the first update. The content of this sentence is still very exciting. After the end of the country, the plot began to transition to the final chapter. The straw hat has not left the country of peace, so the current plot is still in the country of peace. Luffy and Sauron and others are raising injuries. After a while, they will leave the country of peace. It is worth mentioning that Robin found the third red stone monument, and Guangyue Shouxi burned her to the ground. A red stone monument was collected here.

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The title is the new era

The title of the latest comic is the new era. What does this title mean? In contrast to the old era, this is obviously symbolizing the advent of the new era and the end of the old age. It can be understood in this way, the new era of peace is coming, the Guangyue family re -ruled the country, the old era of the black charcoal snake and Kaido rule ended.

For the supernova, this is also the opening of the new era. The supernova defeated the Four Emperors. The four emperors are the power of the old age. The supernova represents the pirates of the new era, the alternation of the old and the old era, the era of the fourth emperor's hegemony, and the new world has entered a new era. The Revolutionary Army's resistance to the world has also entered a new climax. Their strength is becoming more and more powerful, and it is bound to overthrow the world government led by Tianlong people.

Red -haired pirate group appeared in peace

The red -haired pirate group has appeared in the coast of the country. They approach the domestic sea and soon can come to the country of peace. The Jiuli area is the most closest to the entrance of the country. When the straw hat group, the white beard pirate group, the Roger Pirates group entered the country of peace, they stayed in the Jiuli area. The red -haired pirate group should enter the coastline of the Jiuli area, and can enter the country of peace from here. Don't red -haired Xiangx want to clean up Bato? Why is it still coming to the country? He really wants to meet Luffy.

The cadres of the red -haired Pirates still want to see Luffy. They have been with Luffy for more than ten years. They have not seen Luffy for so long. They really miss Luffy. At that time, the little ghost had grown into a new four emperor, sitting flat with the red -haired Xiangx, and the red hair was a little careful. He did not want to meet with Luffy, but wanted to seize the big secret treasure.

Green cattle was forced to evacuate the country of peace

The Navy General Green Bull is fighting the samurai of the country of peace. His task is to kill the straw hat boy. In fact, this is the green cattle. The task of the red dog to the green cattle should be to catch Robin alive, not to kill the straw hat, but the idol of the green cattle is the red dog. As long as the straw hat boy is killed, he has the opportunity to get the praise of the green cattle. Before the green cattle saw the straw hat boy, he was stopped by Jiu Xia at the door and could not enter the flower capital.

The green cattle's ability is really not very good. Even the samurai could not win. Tao Zhizhi could deal with him, and the success of Tao Zhizhi made the hot interest. He would be a low -match Kaido in the future. For decades, maybe he could achieve Kaido's strength. Suddenly, the green cow felt the domineering domineering of the red -haired fragrant domineering, and he was sweating directly. Unexpectedly, the red -haired Xiangxi would also come to the country, and the red -haired pirate group was nearby.

The green cattle quickly gave up fighting with the samurai. He quickly left the country of peace. If he encountered red -haired incense, he would never have the possibility of evacuation. The green cattle was very arrogant, but when he encountered the old four emperors red hair, he would also give red hair, otherwise his life would not be guaranteed. The green cattle has given up chasing Luffy. I don't know if he will catch Robin. Robin has always been their goal. What do you think about this? Everyone is welcome to leave a comment below, the picture comes from the Internet, and apologize!