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One Piece: Although Robin is no longer important for the five old stars, she will still be captured by green cows


The latest comic content of One Piece mentioned a very critical character. He is Tengu. In fact, the true identity of Tengu is Madian's father, Shouxi burned. Who would have thought that Shouxi had lived for 20 years and had not appeared. It was not until Kaido and the big snake defeated before revealing their identity in front of Robin. Because Robin was also reading the text of history, Shouxi burned also. I told Robin's shocking news that ancient weapons were in the country of peace. Then the answer to the kingdom of green cattle is obvious. He will not be empty -handed. Robin and Shouxi will be dangerous. Let's analyze it together.

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Robin is no longer important to the five old stars

When Shouxi burned, I felt that Robin was no longer important for the five old stars. Why? Originally thought that Robin was the only person in the world of pirates to interpret the text of history, But the emergence of Shouxi Burning has broken this law, because Shouxi will also interpret the text of history. Tao Zhizhi and the Japanese and Japanese will not read the text of history. In the reading of ancient words, the ability of Guangyuejia to know ancient words was lost.

However, the emergence of Shouxi burning will naturally become the focus of the five old stars. Since he is the last general of the country of peace, Shouxi will be caught by the navy people, and then let him interpret the historical text of history. At the same time, two people with interpretation of history at the same time, I am afraid that even the five old stars did not expect this. Five Old Star knows that Robin has been to Zowu Island, and there are places such as all nations. Now they appear in the country of peace. The five old stars know that the straw hat group is only one road signs history. They are not in a hurry.


But she will still be captured by the green cow

Although there are Shouxi burning, Robin's existence still threatens the five old stars and the navy.They have no way to cure the movement of the straw hat group, unless they capture or kill Robin, this navy will not chase the straw hat group, because Robin is a key figure on Lav Dulu, Luffy If they want to find this treasure, they have to be interpreted by Robin to move forward.

Therefore, the green cattle coming this time must be to catch Robin and Shouxi. At the same time, the navy has these two people, which shows that the power of controlling the right is still in their hands, which also meets the development of the plotBecause news came from the new world, Saab was dangerous. Such an important role could not die silently, then it was basically sure that it was caught, then Luffy would definitely be rescued. Ben, then there is no reason to stop Luffy for the straw hat group, so the reason for the war is even more sufficient.

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