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The hot breath of Kaido in One Piece is not available, Sauron and Jinweimen can be cracked, Luffy can resist hard resistance


The strongest creature of sea, land and airKaidoIt is a person with fish and fantasies. He seems to be able to control all kinds of elements to fight, such as lightning, wind blade and hot interest. Among them, the power of hot interest should be the greatest, which can instantly destroy a mountain, but the hot interest released by Kaido so far does not seem to have any great effects. It feels like it is just an illusion. There are not many people who are hot at Kaido.

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Most people can only avoid

The high temperature and high fever of Kaido's hot interest, which has great destructive power, can even be withRed dogCompared with the big fire, it is the most wise choice to choose to avoid the hot interest. When Kaido attacked the Jiulishan Touyutian city site with a hot breath, Xiao Ren melted the earth with his own cooked technique, so that everyone reluctantly avoided Kaido's hot interest attack. However, some people chose to take the hot interest attack on Kaido, and they had the grasp of the hot interest.

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Jinweimen and Sauron cut fire

In the battle between the Chi Jin Jiu Xia and Kaido, Kaido also released his hot interest attack Jiu Xia, but at this time Jincumen came out to use the flame crack to split Kaido's heat interest. This belongs to the Jinweimen. Highlighting is the best interpretation of his unique fox fire.

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When Sauron confronted Kaido's hot interest, he used the same tricks as Jinweimen, and successfully split Kaido's hot interest. In this regard, Sauron also generously acknowledged that he learned from Jinweimen to study, and Sauron's learning talent was really high.

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Lei Zang absorbs rebound with a scroll

Also in the battle between the Chichen Jiu Xia and Kaido, Lei Zang also solved Kaido's hot attack in his own way. Lei Zang is a genius ninja. When facing Kaido's hot interest attack, he used his scroll to absorb hot interest and remembered it to Kaido. Kaido also grinned. BUG, but the stronger the strength, the greater the cost, so the scroll of Leizang should be a killer that cannot be used frequently.

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Luffy chose hard resistance

Luffy's four gears are domineering andRubber fruitTwo capabilities to improve their various attributes. In the battle with Kaido and aunt, Luffy's insulation against Aunt's electric shock made the aunt show the same surprised expression as Eni Lu, and he carried the hot interest of Kaido as if he was hanging. Fighting spirit is false, the real reason is because of the domineering effect of armed color.

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