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One Piece Chapter 1054 Intelligence: Green Bull summons the god tree, Jiu Xia shot, Yamato one move to control the enemy


One Piece Chapter 1054 Intelligence map has been updated, the information map is only updated, and it will continue to be updated in the future. Tomorrow may see all the information maps of the latest words. These intelligence maps include the red -haired pirate group entered the country of peace, Jiu Xia and Dahe's fiercely fighting green cows, and Saab's reports from Princess Wei Wei's father. Although the comic plot has entered the final chapter, the straw hat group has not yet left the country of peace. These plots can only be regarded as a transition, and it takes time to enter the final chapter.

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Green Bull summoning the god tree comes

What is his task? The red dog let the green cattle do not do extra things, his task should be taken away Robin. However, the green cattle did not listen to the order of the red dog, and insisted on going to the Huadu to kill the straw hat Luffy. As soon as he entered the capital of the flower, he met Jiu Xia. Now it can be said that it is the Seven Heroes. They have only seven people in Tibet and Ashura. Jin Weimen and others saw someone approaching the flower capital, and they waited for the arrival of the green cow here in advance.

When the green cattle saw the samurai, they bluntly let the samurai not stop them. Jin Weimen knew that the green cattle was the navy and the enemy was also the enemy of Luffy. Therefore, they will not let the green cattle enter the flower capital to arrest Luffy, and the battle will soon be launched. The ability of the green cattle is naturally the ability of Sensen fruits. Out of plant. The green cattle's ability is so amazing, it is a pity not to plant trees and forests. He directly summoned the big move of the god tree.

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Yamato hit the green cow's head

There are still injuries on Jiu Xia. Seeing the bandages on them know, even if they have been recuperating for seven days, the injury has not been cured. The green cattle broke into the flower of the flower alone, and it also taught Jiu Xia. It is said that the kingdom of peace is not the franchisee of the world government. He has been hiding here to hide the cruelty of the world. The Tianlong people are the gods who control the world. Green Niu wants to teach the samurai to experience what is weak meat and strong food, and the survival law of the fittest survival. The ability of the green cattle directly locked the attack of Jiu Xia, and the entanglement of plants was too difficult to deal with.

Yamato soon appeared in front of Jiu Xia, and she rushed to hit the green cow's head. The green cattle's body fell to the ground. It seemed that the injury was not light. Yamato used the domineering domineering of the overlord. The green cattle was too miserable and became the first general to be overwhelmed. It was worse than the red dog. Green Bull saw Yamato so powerful and asked who she was.

Tao Zhidu is also here to participate in the war

Yamato's strength is really strong. The enemy is the general of the Navy, and Yamato can still lie to the ground. Green Bull learned that Yamato was Kaido's son, and he did not dare to underestimate Yamato, Jiu Xia, Yamato and others temporarily stopped the green cattle. Country. Tao Zhizhu also rushed over to help Jiu Xia. The flowers were all the samurai sites. Tao Zhizhu has become a general of peace. He will definitely not let the green cattle chaos.

Tao Zhizhu turned into a dragon form. He wanted to use the hot interest to attack the green cow. He wanted to imitate Kaido's move, but there was a posture without reality, and the hot interest was not summoned. When the green cattle saw the dragon in front of him, he was a little stunned. He didn't expect that there was a dragon in the flowers. Tao Zhizhu rushed straight up, biting the body of the green cow with his mouth, and he wanted to help Tao Zhizhu, but he was blocked by him. Tao Zhizhu had to head out of the green cow and drive him out of the kingdom of peace.

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The green cattle should be the weakest general. Even Taozhi looked down on him. These samurai stopped the green cow, and he had no chance to enter the Huadu to kill Luffy. A naval general dares to come to the kingdom of peace. Is he a samurai who underestimates the kingdom of peace, or is the straw hat? Even if the red dog leads the yellow ape, it may not be able to destroy the straw hat. What do you think about this? Everyone is welcome to leave a comment below, the picture comes from the Internet, and apologize!