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Discord Abandons Rumored NFT Feature

Founder and CEO cancels plans due to overwhelming user criticism

Discord Shelves Rumored NFT Feature

Earlier, rumors circulated that Discord, a popular social communication platform, would be launching an NFT feature based on Ethereum. However, founder and CEO Jason Citron ultimately decided not to release the feature after receiving overwhelming criticism from users.

In response to a tweet suggesting that Discord would be an excellent development platform for NFTs and cryptocurrencies, Citron posted what appeared to be a screenshot of the new feature. It showed that user accounts would be able to link to digital wallets that support Ethereum payments.

Discord NFT Screenshot

Despite this, thousands of comments demanded that Citron abandon the plan, even threatening to cancel Nitro subscriptions. Citron cited various issues with Web3 technology and prioritized protecting users from spam and fraud, thus ultimately deciding not to release the NFT feature.

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