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Understanding the Long/Short Ratio and Total Trading Volume of Cryptocurrency

Tips on how to analyze cryptocurrency price and market trends

Madman says...

Yesterday's article talked about three indicators that affect the price of cryptocurrency. From the comments and questions, the most frequently asked was how to look at the long/short ratio. Madman wrote about how to look at the long/short ratio yesterday, but many people still asked. This indicates that people's learning and reading habits are not very good. About the long/short ratio, you can refer to yesterday's article. The specific method is to log in to tradingview.com and enter "btcusdlongs/btcusdshorts" in the search box.

Also, many investors ask how to see the total trading volume of a coin. Madman recommends the website coinmarketcap.com, where you can find information on all Bitcoin transactions.


Yesterday, Madman saw a picture online that illustrated the "annus horribilis." Since 2003, the returns on all assets have been decreasing each year, and 2018 was the worst year for investments in the last 15 years. This includes Bitcoin, which has dropped from $20,000 to $4,000, a decrease of 80%. The median (average) decline for all cryptocurrencies from their highs is 95.6%, meaning that if you invested $10,000, you would only have $500 left. However, if you have spare money to invest, there is still hope for recovery. Of course, if you had invested in Bitcoin in 2017, you would have earned a 1700% return, making it the top asset. This demonstrates that return and risk are directly proportional.

Bitcoin price chart

2018 is over, and many people are relieved. However, we should not have too high expectations for 2019, at least not in the first half of the year. Madman recommends holding cash and gold to hedge against risk. The price of gold is continuing to rise due to this risk-aversion. Remember, don't make any rash decisions during the wrong time.

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Market Analysis

Adapting to the changes without changing can give you opportunities for excessive returns in the future.

In terms of Bitcoin, it experienced a manipulative surge, but until it surpasses $4000, it is recommended to wait and observe.


Ethereum is the leading coin in terms of gains and may lead the market upwards if it breaks through the $140 resistance level.


Ripple is showing signs of recovery but with low trading volume.


Litecoin and EOS are likely to experience volatility and follow the market trend.

Litecoin EOS

Cardano may continue to hold, with a resistance level at 0.044.


The overall market is likely to continue to oscillate within a range. As for altcoins, a coin with high consensus may show potential for a breakout but it is important not to chase after large gains.

Personal Opinion on the Current State of Cryptocurrency Market

Disclaimer: The article represents only the author's personal opinion and does not represent the viewpoint or stance of Blockcast. All content and opinions are for reference only and do not constitute investment advice. Investors should make their own decisions and trades, and the author and Blockcast will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect losses incurred from investor transactions.

The cryptocurrency market has been experiencing ups and downs in the past few months. The market has been fluctuating rapidly, with prices soaring to new heights one day and plummeting the next, leaving investors feeling uneasy and uncertain.

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Despite the volatility, it is important to remember that the cryptocurrency market has always been volatile, and this is not the first time that investors have seen such a fluctuation in price. Therefore, it is essential for investors to have a long-term investment strategy and to hold onto their assets despite market fluctuations.

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Additionally, investors should conduct proper research before investing in any cryptocurrency. With thousands of cryptocurrencies available in the market, it can be challenging to determine which ones are worth investing in.

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In conclusion, while the cryptocurrency market may be volatile at times, investors should remain calm and have a long-term investment strategy. Conducting proper research is also crucial before investing in any cryptocurrency. With the right strategy and research, investors can potentially reap the benefits of the cryptocurrency market.

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