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Odin Holdings Group Launches OwlTing Blockchain Services

Introducing a groundbreaking application service for various industries

Taiwanese Startup Odin Holdings Group Launches OwlTing Blockchain Services

On October 22, Odin Holdings Group held a press conference and blockchain service launch event in Taipei, introducing their new blockchain application service, OwlTing Blockchain Services (OBS). The company invited partners from various industries such as lodging, biotech, food, smart agriculture, automobile, and logistics to share their challenges and technological applications. Several global firsts in blockchain industry application were also presented.

Odin Holdings Group press conference Odin Holdings Group press conference

Odin Holdings Group has become one of the world's most prominent blockchain startups since its inception in 2010. They have services like OwlChain, which is the world's first food supply chain appraisal system, and OwlNest, which is the world's first blockchain application in hotel business management. The company has expanded its global presence to Japan, the United States, Malaysia, Sweden, and Thailand and plans to set up a core headquarters in Ireland within a year to develop the EU market.

Odin Holdings Group blockchain services launch event Odin Holdings Group blockchain services launch event

Besides B2C online platforms such as Odin Market and Odin Global Local Experiences, B2B services focused on blockchain industry applications are also offered, including OBS. Since the official launch of OdinNest blockchain hotel management service in 2017, it has become the largest part of Odin Holdings Group's revenue, with fast and stable profit growth of 20-30% per month under the software as a service model.

Moreover, combining Odin's local experience platform provides a wide range of travel services to clients, which leads to a surge in occupied customers. Until the end of April 2019, its cooperative lodging houses have grown 60% compared to the previous year.

OwlTing Blockchain Services (OBS) OwlTing Blockchain Services (OBS)

With OBS, Odin Holdings Group aims to provide a secure and reliable blockchain service to their partners and clients, increasing efficiency and transparency in various industries. They continue to innovate and remain at the forefront of the blockchain industry with their groundbreaking applications and services.

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OwlNest's Innovations in the Lodging Industry

In 2019, OwlNest launched its "flexible pricing" feature using Ethereum smart contracts. This innovation allows lodging operators to adjust room prices based on early birds, peak season, inventory, and other conditions.

OwlNest flexible pricing feature Image source: OwlNest

By using smart contracts, data is verified to ensure trust between the online booking platform, lodging operators, and consumers.

Smart Contracts in OwlNest Image source: Ethereum

Aside from expanding their business, OwlNest also announced an investment in Flip Flop Hostel to deepen their presence in Taiwan's lodging industry.

OwlNest investment in Flip Flop Hostel Image source: Flip Flop Hostel

With their success, the company plans to process over 1 billion NTD worth of OTA orders by the end of the year.

In addition to OwlNest's innovations, OwlTing Blockchain Services is another way the company is shaping the future of the lodging industry. It is the world's first blockchain-based service platform.

OwlTing Blockchain Services Image source: OwlNest

OwlCheck, the newly launched blockchain anti-counterfeiting system in the United States, is designed to track high-value and counterfeit goods back to their source.

OwlCheck blockchain anti-counterfeiting system Image source: OwlNest

Through their various innovations, OwlNest is revolutionizing the way the lodging industry operates.

Odin Group: Utilizing Blockchain Technology to Transform Industries

Odin Group is a company that utilizes blockchain technology to transform various industries. By using the trust mechanism of blockchain, Odin Group connects various nodes in the industrial chain, achieving effective anti-counterfeiting measures and establishing consumer trust.

Blockchain Technology Blockchain Technology (Source: Pixabay)

The launch of the OBS platform confirms the unlimited possibilities of blockchain technology and cross-industry practical applications. Their partner companies include various industries such as genetics, logistics, defense technology, and more.

Partner Industries Partner Industries (Source: Pixabay)

The performance of Odin Group has received recognition from political and business circles in Taiwan. They are optimistic about the future development of Odin Group, which can lead traditional industries to transform and propel Taiwan towards the next milestone.

Taiwan Landscape Taiwan Landscape (Source: Pixabay)

The Agricultural Committee also praises the application of Odin Group's industry technology. Odin Group's goal is to use blockchain as a customized application service for various industries to help them upgrade and explore the unlimited possibilities of blockchain technology.

Agriculture Field Agriculture Field (Source: Pixabay)