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The "Inverse Water Cold" who grew up finally learned to insist on taking your own way

As a Tailing in the field of NetEase's 18 years of online games, it should have rely on its own quality and the excellent operation of Netease to obtain word -of -mouth and audience, but it has encountered multiple blows at the beginning of the game release. Whether it was "playing with" Backwater Cold "at home, or the level of optimization at that time," Anti -Water Cold "stood on the cusp of the wind just when he had just public beta. Chinese players' dissatisfaction and prejudice to domestic games, and the correct politics of slandering Tencent NetEase, concentrated on this game.


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Although the storm of the public relations crisis after the test for a period of time has already subsided, from the official adjustment and update of the game content, the operating thinking of "Adverse Water Cold" is still a more traditional. Player ". The feedback and opinions of the early "Inverse Water Cold" almost reached a bit of "responding":

Players think that the money output is low, and immediately change the income of the activity; the player thinks that there are too many daily tasks, and the next patch will start to "reduce the burden"; some people report that some occupations are too strong, and soon they will see that this profession is weakened. However, the effect of trying to please all players in this way is not good: more copper coins are produced, and players feel that the gold price of the game has collapsed; "burden reduction" makes players feel that their benefits are not as good as before; Balanced complaints.

As a result, "creating a perfect game that makes all players satisfied" has instead become the weakness of "Backwater Cold", making most of the players who really really love this rivers and lakes lack a sense of security. In fact, the so -called "perfection" game did not exist in the entire game industry. Perfect is relative, so that players are satisfied. While attracting some players, a game will inevitably be difficult for some players to substitute and recognize.


No matter what, people who don't like it will never like it

Take a characteristic story story of "Inverse Water Cold" as an example. In this era of fast -paced and fragmented, the plot story of many games is actually an optional thing. The humble animation, even if it has passed. However, "Adverse Water Cold" is the opposite: the game uses a large number of real -time calculation animations to narrate the plot, and cannot skip it directly within a certain period of time. After watching the plot, there are even rewards. This setting makes a considerable part of the players unhappy: they complain that the form of forced watching animation is too unpopular. They do not have much game time, and they must be wasted on what they do not care about.


Different players have very different reactions and needs

However, for other players who pay more attention to the plot experience and want to feel more martial arts culture, the strong narrative technique of "Inverse Water Cold" is in the instead of their "lower arms": they think that the plot of martial arts games is exactly that such games are indispensable Where was the essence of lack, a large number of plot performances in the game not only allowed players to better understand the background story and character relationship between the game, but also allowed players to establish a special emotion for game culture. For this part of the players, "Adverse Water Cold" is not only attracting them as a game. Related background stories, character relationships, emotional entanglements, etc. are the reason why they linger in this rivers and lakes. In this regard, "Inverse Water Cold" is completely impossible to meet the needs of all players. Only by really grasping the core value of the game itself can we no longer have many doubts and non -discussion directions.


Players' fellow novels are not popular

However, after all, "Adverse Water Cold" is a long -term online operation game. Whether it can maintain update correction, mechanism adjustment, and content adding speed for a long time is the key to determining the overall quality of this game. At the end of September, with the launch of the first expansion film "Sword Shadow" in "Anti -Water Cold", the entire team began to reflect on the next development idea of the game. Started abandonment, making "Adverse Water Cold" more extreme and more distinctive has become a valuable experience in the team over the past few months.

So recently, we saw a relatively large -volume update plan: winter bud update plan. Judging from the entire update content, the content of this update is mainly concentrated in the adjustment and supplement of the gameplay. For example, a large number of PVP content was added in one breath: 2 -person team's chicken -eating mode, 6V6 for martial arts that were more complex and more exciting than the original 3V3, large -scale forces, cross -service gang leagues, etc., and then made the entire game's PVP framework mature Get up. At the same time, the cross -service contest will adopt a bonus system similar to the DOTA2 TI to include a part of the appearance income around the event into the bonus pool. The bonus of the players is likely to reach innovation. The PVP of "Anti -Water Cold" has always been a system with less player opinions and relatively optimistic. If the official set of exciting PVP plans can fall on the ground, I believe that they can meet many players who love PVP.


For the author's more idyllic Buddhist players, the manor system of "Inverse Water Cold" has always been a gameplay that I like and pay attention to. The manor level editor in this update made me shine in front of me. In my manor, I used my imagination and creativity to design a level to be difficult to claim to be the masters who claimed to be a knight. It was fun to think about it.


The level produced by the estate level editor

Another animation editor is not simple, not only looks tall, but also its own technical content is quite high. The facial expression capture of the animation editor, one -click audio guidance into the simulation mouth shape and other functions allows players to create their own story animation and give full play to their directors' talents. It is believed that with the launch of this feature, a large number of players' self -made fan animations have been on the road.


Animation editor

In the game's picture quality, "Adverse Water Cold" is to pursue a "extreme". The picture quality and special effects of the original game are already the top in the industry, but the development team is not satisfied. At the Global Developer Conference held in China not long ago, Huang Renxun, the founder and CEO of Nvidia and CEO, announced that "Adverse Water Cold" will use Nvidia's latest RTX light tracking technology. There are only few samples on top host games. It seems that "creating a breathing rivers and lakes" is not just a simple propaganda, but a goal that is constantly pursuing.

At the same time, the overall optimization of the game "Inverse Water Cold" has not fallen. The latest Nvidia DLSS super sampling technology can greatly improve the operating efficiency and number of frame frames in the case of high resolution, so that the graphics processor can exert a stronger effect. I believe that after these technologies are installed in the game, not only many high -profile computer players can enjoy a more stable and silky gaming experience, many low -ranking players will also find that their computer can fully run the process "Inverse Water Cold" "Inverse Water Cold". It's right.


RTX light tracking technology that allows the picture quality

Because the content of the winter sprout update plan of "Inverse Water Cold" is really rich: the addition of the new professional male question, so that the game finally has male dad; the opening of the new plot makes the story of the entire game ushered in a new climax; more BOSS with different new styles, stunning style, and depth of play will also appear one after another; new clothing systems and so on. Compared with the previous expansion film "Sword Shadow in the Tao Tao", there are only a lot of more. It seems that "three -month big update" has become the standard for "Backwater Cold".


Male Su asked, many players' heart -minded dad

Over the past six months, we can see that "Adverse Water Cold" continues to improve its own defects while continuing its own national style martial arts masterpieces. Many problems in gameplay, design, and optimization are constantly enriching and corrected. In fact, there are many initials in the history of the entire gaming industry that have been controversial, relying on their own efforts to continuously change and evolve, and finally win the example of fans recognition and industry respect: from "unmanned deep pit" to a particularly praised "No one deep space" ", The initial popularity is low, and" Rainbow Six: Siege ", which is hotly operated worldwide;" Fortress Night "was once considered a failure before the" Eat Chicken "model; It is considered to have lost the facade of the CS series. Essence Essence

"Adverse Water Cold" is not a perfect game as soon as it is born. It also has a less smooth start. It has tried to please everyone to confuse this game. But like the games that rely on their own efforts to reverse the reputation, the future changes of "Backwater Cold" are gratifying and expected. For players, there is a kind of national style martial arts game that can represent the strongest technology of domestic games, constantly improving internal gameplay, and continuously adding content.