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Netease acquired the two sorrows of the exposure of "Detroit". The stand -alone market has always lost to online game capital?

Recently, a well -known party Henderson broke the news that NetEase is about to acquire all shares of QUANTIC DREAM, a developer of the game "Detroit: Change", and the official will announce the news this summer.

"Detroit: Change" is an interactive movie game. It has a good production and a sense of plot. It has attracted the attention of many players with an open ending. In games of the same subject, there are almost no other games that can be compared.

As early as January 2019, Netease had acquired some of the company's shares. The acquisition of the remaining shares may be determined to accelerate the pace of marching overseas.

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People in the game circle probably know that in the country since August last year, the version number has not been released again. Many game companies cannot launch new games due to the limitation of the version number, which can only be developed overseas or published through the Steam platform.

Netease's acquisition may also be affected by the version number. In the future, if the game industry wants to continue to develop, I am afraid that they can only compete with the world's best game companies to seize the international market.

In this way, the version number stop really for some people, as some people said, forcing domestic game companies to go abroad and make boutique games.

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But from the perspective of some players, the news of these acquisitions makes people feel sad.

There are two reasons. One is that in the gaming industry, many of the acquisitions we see are online game companies acquiring stand -alone game companies, such as Tencent's acquisition of shares of companies such as Ubisoft, P agency, EPIC, etc.

This makes many stand -alone game enthusiasts really difficult. For them, stand -alone games represent quality, innovation and feelings. More and more stand -alone manufacturers have been acquired by online game companies. Fewer and fewer boutique games that can be played in the future will become less and less online games.

The second reason for the sorrow is that the monopoly of the game giant has intensified, and many companies with large scale are even acquired. The two largest acquisitions in the past two years should be that Microsoft has acquired Bethesda's parent company and Activity Blizzard.

Although the two acquisitions have also made the XBOX platform's XGP members more attractive and cost -effective, as Microsoft grows, players are also worried about the diversity of the future game market.

Players' concerns are reasonable. Although the acquisition can make some game companies that lack funds over the difficulties, but because the acquirer's wealth is thick, the acquisition party loses the right to speak, and thus succumbing to the upper arrangement.

Many creative games may be cut off because the project profits are too low, and even the upper levels do not like. This will be a great regret for players.

However, in general, I am still willing to see that domestic companies can acquire overseas companies, and they are more willing to see that domestic games can move globally. By participating in the global market competition, the quality of domestic games can be promoted. To more excellent games.