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Dry! In -depth evaluation of superfire beauty instruments! Ya Meng, Zeus, Small Sword, etc., choose the right choice

It is too expensive to go to the beauty salon, and the beauty of medical beauty does not dare to move the knife. More and more people choose the beauty instrument of the home, which is convenient and affordable, and relatively safer.
At present, the beauty instrument brand on the market is also full of flowers. In addition, during the epidemic, we keep social distance. In the psychological state of beauty salons, you do n’t dare to go or have less. Although the fairy does not need to buy things, the price of each instrument is thousands of thousands, and the expensive is tens of thousands. From the fairy around me, the chance of buying more idle is also high. In fact, one-2 people are enough. After all, the flipping license has 13524, not to mention that we have this face, not enough.

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Today, according to their experience and the feedback of my friends, I recommend a few beauty instruments to everyone. Everyone buys according to their skin status and budget for expenditure budget!

  • Let's talk about the principles and advantages and disadvantages of the major beauty instruments

At present, the popular beauty instrument on the market can simply divide them intoSix categories:
1. Microcarcape——Elopolis, loose skin, drooping electrical ions
2. Electric ion—— Help skin better absorb skin care products
3. RF——Fight anti -aging, dilute wrinkles, and improves outline
4. Ultrasonic—— Deeply clean blackheads, white heads, exfoliating
5.LEDCategory—— Whitening acne and dilute acne marks
6. Laser category——Stojohina, deal with pigment precipitation

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  • Let ’s talk about a few types of popular models below

Radio frequency

1. Ya Meng 10T

Price: 2300

10T is a multifunctional type, with 5 major modes, clean, moisturizing, ice -compressing, red and blue light, radio frequency, etc., you can spend the least money to experience more functions, and the cost performance is still high. But although there are many functions, it is more average.

The disadvantage is that the firming function is not obvious.

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2. Tripolls stop

Price: 4088 (also a small type)

In a few simple words, the background of Tripollar is a polyji RF beauty instrument developed by Israel Pologen. It has obtained international patent certification and US FDA certification.

Use radio frequency current to penetrate the epidermis to the dermis layer, deeply heating collagen, stimulate collagen growth, and promote collagen regeneration. Speaking of white dots is the decree pattern, tear grooves, corners of the mouth, relaxation ... all can be eliminated!

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There are 4 magnetic heads on this instrument, and RF can reach the dermis layer evenly and stable, heat the temperature of the leather layer to 55-65 degrees Celsius:

Image 48833

Tripollar beauty instrument full face uses the heat imaging effect after 2 minutes of use

It can also be seen from this thermal imaging renderings that facial skin heating is relatively uniform, and the maximum temperature of the epidermis reaches 38 °. The temperature of the dermis layer is usually about 20 ° higher than the epidermal layer, which means that the temperature of the dermis layer reaches about 58. This is already aEffectively promote the temperature of collagen new lifeIt's right. The skin will feel hot during the use of the instrument, but it has itTemperature Control System(Two prompts of orange lights and sounds), so just pay attention to letting the instrument move continuously, do not stay at a certain part, pay attention to let the four magnetic heads stick to the skin.

The disadvantage is that the process of use is more complicated, and it is easy to be scalded! At the same time, the official matching gel is a bit thick and prone to stuffy acne. Essence Essence

3.ELLKII resident face

Price: 1799! Intersection Intersection IntersectionExtremely cost -effective in anti -aging beauty instruments. The price of the thousand yuan level is equipped with the configuration and appearance of the 10,000 yuan machine.(I will compare it with the 5th generation of Zeus)

Compassion is comparable to big names, with the following 5 functions

ATW soothing mode: It is the exclusive patented technology of the brand,The patent model of MFIP with a 10,000 -dollar machine Zeus is the same.One -click skin rejuvenation, through the release of the radio frequency energy and rhythmic pulse of high school waves, let the face fatigue restore the energy of the skin, and remove it. In addition, the design area of the guide head is larger, the touch is wider, the role is wider, and the time of nursing can be saved, but the price is less than one -third of the 10,000 yuan machine. The civilian cave girl laughs and crys.

LAP introduction mode: At present, this technology can be done in the market, like Yomeng, at least 5K, and it really achieves cost -effectiveness.

TS firming mode: Low -frequency micro -current stimulates facial muscle movement, which can eliminate face edema and make the facial muscles elastic

LED red and green blue light: It is also the same effect as Zeus. The red light is anti -aging, promoting the formation of collagen, green light and whitening, inhibit the activity of blue acid plums, inhibit melanin formation, blue light antibacterial anti -inflammatory improves acne muscle

VR vibration mode

Micro -current


Price: 1690

The first contact in this category, I believe it must be Refa. The biggest feature of a 2000RMB art is beautiful.

Refa's micro current comes from its unique material and structure,You can use it without charging.

REFA's roller can reduce puffiness by massage, but does not require charging REFAToo smallBasically, there is no relaxation effect caused by micro -current.This massageEliminate edema, expect to lose face unrealistic

Of course, REFA can be washed throughout the body. If you only need to take a massage stick when taking a bath or bath, you can choose Refa.

But you can't kill all microcircular products because of a REFA. Essence Essence


Price: 1700

Nuface is the only handheld multifunctional instrument that has been permitted by the FDA.

The FDA of the United States is an international medical review authority. It is authorized by the US Congress, that is, the Federal Government, and specializes in the management of food and drug management. How to use the official certified beauty instrument will feel relieved ~~

The current is stronger than the REFA, 300-400 μA, the advantage of the microcarmicometer is that each time it is usedSeveral minutesThat's it, it is easier to persist, andHave a certain instant effect, But long -term effects need to be observed.

The first thing to get the device is charging! Charge! Charge! Do not use it as soon as you are happy, so that the battery will cause damage. Generally, it can last for 2 weeks
Please do not use the little cuteness in the following situation!
*The mother who became pregnant
*At least eighteen years old
*History of epilepsy or epilepsy
*I have recently done surgery
*Electronic implanted devices (such as pacemakers, etc.)
*Please ask the doctor in other special circumstances
Do not dip the water; do not open the interior casually (because you can't rest); don't use the chest (current stimulation of the heart is fatal); the temple, neck, chest, and groin are used.

3. Zeus 5th generation

Price: 9788 (expensive price, be cruel to start)

Zeus's beauty instrument is in Japan. Compared with the micro -current of Refa, this is the existence of black technology level.
This brand is very proud and has been committed to developing high -end beauty categories. It has almost no advertisement in Japan, relying on word of mouth. However, many Japanese magazines and stars have spontaneously recommended the brand's various beauty instruments!
Its biggest feature is "Really comparable"It is a beauty instrument with a very comprehensive function. "As long as the face is pulled up, it will never collapse!"

On the 5th generation machine, the function from top to bottom is:

Meip (pulse mode)

UP (ultra -pulse electrical perforation)

Ems (Radonmodel)

LED (color light mode)

VR (vibration mode)

What I want to specifically introduce is itLED color light modeEssence I personally think this feature is particularly good.

※ Red skin can promote the regeneration of skin collagen, so there is a firm effect;

※ Green improves skin pigment precipitation to inhibit melanin, whitening light spots, brightening the skin;

※ Blue can inhibit the activity of acne vital oxygen, which has anti -inflammatory effects and improves acne muscle.

※ Three types of light can be freely switched and used at the same time.

In addition to the LED color light, the EMS radio wave razing mode is a unique mode of the fifth generation.It can stimulate the increase of skin collagen, imitate the natural muscle activity of the human body, promote gentle exercise of facial muscles, and make the face contour tight and elastic.
MFIP pulse modeCan activate cells, promote blood circulation and metabolism, and make the cells active
UP radio frequency and import pulse mode: The UP mode has two main functions. The introduction function is the use of high -energy pulses generated between bipolar currents to open the gap between cells and cells in an instant to form an input channel for active ingredients.
Any mode must be applied before use. 5 Equipped with a bottle of PE essence, but don't think that the essence of gifts is not good. The price of this essence is 1200. (This is its biggest disadvantage !!! Too much money !!!)

Summary, expensive, is synonymous, the girls and civilian cave girls are prohibitive

LED class
1.exideal large row lights

Price: 6400 (also very expensive!)

Exideal large row lights are Japan's most professional lighting beauty instruments. It should be said that it is No.1 in the home LED beauty instrument ~

Not only the screen is enoughBigAt one time, the wavelength is also rich in wavelength, and it can be almost comparable to the medical beauty instrument. Zhang Tianai and Huang Shengyi have also recommended in Xiaohong's book before ~

The principle is to use the principle of light power to emit different wavelength light to activate deep cells

It is a bit like photonic skin rejuvenation, but because the photon rejuvenation is strong pulse and strong energy, the skin will become more and more fragile. Exideal belongs to the light of slowly repairing the skin, so it is much safer than photon skin skin ~

Colorlight is shining with cold light sources, and the skin will not have a burning sensation, which is very safe. It can be used every day, and the beauty instrument is 10 cm-30 cm away from the face when light.

There are 10 modes, 4 kinds of beams of different effects, and each mode is mixed with different colors of light. Therefore, in different modes, the most color is the strongest, and the corresponding effects will become more obvious.

Blu -ray can inhibit acne to eliminate the closure of acne, make the skin delicate and lubricate, and repair the skin problems on the rough surface.

Huang Guang can return to bright white, promote cell repair, activate skin tissue, tender and white

Red light promotes collagen production, effectively solve three major problems of wrinkles, dull pigments, and stains, and restores skin elastic gloss.

Infrared light promotes blood circulation to better absorb skin care products, shrink pores, and enhance skin elasticity and moisturizing power.

It seems that there are young sisters who feedback to say that they will be black, as well as, a word is expensive!

After listing the above 7 products, for many college students and MMs who have just entered the workplace income, it is highly recommendedELKII's resident face,Choosing the right is not expensive, it is truth ~

In addition, if you want to be effective, you must persist! persist in! persist in! Don't be lazy ~~

I wish you all a child face ~~~~