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The only big city in China, the domineering second -tier, has fallen into fourth -tier cities

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Today, when cities across the country are working hard, as ordinary people, we all hope that our city can develop faster and better, but it was released not long ago that there is such a famous city in the list of first- and second -tier cities. But it appeared on the list of fourth -tier cities. This city is Datong. Among the concepts of your friends, cities with generous resources are generally not too poor, not to mention that the well -known coal in China is Datong. Although dare not say that Datong is a first -tier city, how can it also appear in the list of second- and third -tier cities. In the middle, Datong has become a fourth -tier city, and you need to give you a perfect explanation!

Datong's economic situation has retreated in the past two years. In 2015, GDP was 105.337 billion yuan. By 2016, a negative growth appeared. The GDP was 102.534 billion yuan. But this does not conform to the image of Datong in the hearts of the friends. Even if it is the entire Shanxi Province, it is a province with rich cultural heritage and "thick home bottom". Is the economic backstream, is it the "Phoenix" golden phoenix fly away?

And there are many scenic spots including Yungang Grottoes, can they restore Datong's economy? As the only city in the country, the myth of the coal boss can continue, what happened to Datong? Welcome friends to talk about your views.

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