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The city of Guangxi is about to change. Is there a chance to surpass Liuzhou and Guilin? Is it your hometown?

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Since the China-ASEAN Expo was held, Guangxi, an unknown border province, has become more and more international. Many people have begun to understand this province, especially the splendid culture here, rich national style, and beautiful scenery.

Today, the development of Guangxi is getting faster and faster, especially in such a city that is about to change tremendous changes, and may even exceed the very famous Liuzhou and Guilin. This city is Yulin.

Although everyone knows that this city is relying on the annual Dog and Meat Festival, the scenery here is unique, and even the name of "Lingnan Jade", which is also the center of Guangxi's economy and culture.

Yulin has a good geographical location. It is adjacent to developed areas such as Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, and such as such a powerful neighbor, and the economy has a certain role. Moreover, Guangxi is the only important passage in the southwest of China. Yulin is also an important node on the channel. With this advantage, economic trade is also very active.

Most of the time, people will use Guilin with similar names to Guilin. Last year, in the ranking of GDP in various cities in Guangxi, Yulin's GDP was 169.9 billion yuan, only after Guilin, but the city's economic growth growth The speed is much faster than Guilin, and this Guilin is the third largest city in Guangxi. After all, it is a city that eats by scenery.

Recently, economic development has also been very rapid. In contrast, Yulin not only has rich tourism resources, but also has very rich minerals and water resources. Such Yulin can be said to be unlimited development potential. Shanghai Pudong, for the development of the city, has also built a new urban area and is a large commercial complex introduced.

The Sanheng Sanzong Road Network of Yudong New District fully illustrates that the future Yulin will develop faster, and it will even be very easy to develop major breakthrough development. If people in this city can converge to dog meat, there may be in the future. What is the more different direction of development. What do you think of this city in Guangxi?

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