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The three cities with the highest housing prices in Jiangsu, the first is not Suzhou. Do you have your hometown?

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Food, food, and transportation is the basic life of people, and living is the most important part of the Chinese, but the increasingly rising house prices have made many friends become house slaves. Speaking of the highest housing prices in the country, except for these super -large cities in Beishangguang and Shenzhen, which is Jiangsu, which is very good in economic development, which city is the highest housing price in Jiangsu?

It must be the provincial capital of Nanjing. After all, most provinces should be the best cities in the province, and the development speed is still proportional to most of the time. As the center of politics and culture in southern China, since ancient times, Jiangnan fish and rice hometown, it is important to say that the people's life is rich. The house price of this city is 24575 yuan per square meter. House prices in large cities are really not cheap.

The second place is Suzhou. As the first batch of historical and cultural cities in my country, and the national ecological garden city, the environment is first -class. Many people are willing to choose to settle here. The average house price in cities with an important position in people's hearts is 22,456 yuan per square meter, and the price of their own houses here is also expensive. The position of the third place is Wuxi, and Wuxi, which is also a historical and cultural city, is located on the shore of Taihu Lake. A few days ago, it was also rated as one of the top ten cities with the highest investment in fixed assets in the country. Such an environment will definitely become a hotbed for house prices. Wuxi's house prices are 11,438 yuan per square meter. Do these three cities with low housing prices have your hometown?

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