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The city in Northwest China is the most livable and has been selected as the cleanest city in the country. Is it your hometown?

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In recent years, the development of my country has been particularly rapid. Correspondingly, the development of many cities has also accelerated. However, the rapid development speed will definitely bring pollution.

Nowadays, people's quality of life is increasing, and people's requirements for cities are getting higher and higher. In everyone's impression, the clean and tidy cities should be located in the south of the motherland. Most of the vast and desolate north, most of them are very dry and the dust is rolling.

However, it is not absolutely not the case, because in the northwest of the motherland, there is a very neat city, which is ridiculous from the surrounding yellow sand, which looks incompatible. This city is a treasure chicken in Shaanxi. In everyone's impression, the northwestern west is always rolling in wind and sand, or those winding gully on the loess slope, but Baoji has been selected as the cleanest city in the country. The degree of neatness here is definitely unmatched by other cities.

Maybe many friends do not know this city very much. In history, the names here were Chen Cang, Yongcheng, which is the "Thirty -Six Plan" that everyone is very familiar with. It is here. At the same time, Baoji is also the famous "Emperor Yan" and "Hometown of Bronze".

This city with such a long history now has 3 districts and 9 counties. Although the population is not comparable to those cities in the central part, people living here love the environment around them. In addition The climate of Baoji is very suitable, the air is very dry, the winter is not severe, and there is no heat in the summer. It is one of the very livable cities in the northwestern region of the motherland.

From beginning to end, Baoji is a well -known traffic fortress, especially in ancient times. This is the place where soldiers must fight. In today's time without war, Baoji is also an important transportation hub for many railways. The important core channel of the motherland to the northwest southwest.

At the same time, Baoji is also a city that is very suitable for tourism. Whether it is a natural landscape or an artificial landscape, it is worth everyone to visit. If you have a chance, will you come to this city?

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