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The three ancient weapons of One Piece -Tianwang has already appeared, and the help of the country of the country?

Three ancient weapons

The three ancient weapons, the king, the sea king, and the Pluto. Among them, Pluto is a battleship (not our Luffy's master, Pluto, hee hee). Neptune is the strongest Neptune on the sea. Ancient weapons, as a big move to overthrow the world government in the later period, have now been mastered by the straw hat pirates. Today, I will analyze who this three ancient weapons and the final secret king are. Essence Essence

Ancient weapon Neptune Poseidon -White Star

According to the historical text of the empty island, we know that the sea king is located on the sea of Murlocity on the bottom of the sea, and after our protagonist Luffy arrived here, he taught Arol, and by the way, we liberated our Murloc Island. The next oath:Goodbye will be with him next time, and you must followEssence A princess who could communicate with the Neptune after a lapse of 800, is our lovely white star. Bai Xing awakened this terrible power when he was very young,Mother Yiji PrincessWhen Bai Xing was very young, Bai Xing was taughtThe ideal of "humans and fish people to coexist peacefully".This also affects our little white star. It is full of sincere peace. Even if the bad guys are forced, there is no determination to resist. It has been trapped in the hard shell tower for 10 years. The funeral did not participate, and it was not until Luffy accidentally entered and watched the outside world.

Summon the sea king at the age of 6

When Bai Xing saw that his mother was attacked by the Tianlong people when she was young, the cry caused the Neptune to come to the scene. Essence However, Princess Yiji felt that Bai Xing was too young and could not control this power. She entrusted Bai Xing to her three brothers, because this terrible power would cause great changes in the world. The reason for the order to wipe the white stars below. After all, the world government wants to obtain this power, and it is better to destroy it. From the conversation between the king of Murloc Island Nipton and the "son of the devil" Robin, we know that the person who replaces Joyboy (complete the mission) and correctly guide the princess of the "Neptune" to the protagonist of our One Piece.

It can end the most evil warship in the era of the Great Pirates -ancient weapon Pluto,Pluton, which originated from the ancient Roman mythology.

This is a super warship built by the Seven Water Capital. According to the legend, a cannon can directly destroy an island, which is amazing. However, it is now sleeping. Only the clues have not been present. The current location is Robin, the straw hat group. This clue is in the royal room of Alabastein, but most people have no permissions to enter inside. Princess Vivi, as an important figure of Pluto's clues, is also the object of being wiped out by the world government, which pose a threat to the government.

This Pluto's construction drawings began to be in the hands of the boatman Tom. In order to coerce Tom to hand over the design drawing, the world government arrested Tom on the grounds that the One Piece Roger built the ship. Brother Franci, but Frank, then destroyed the design when the ambulance was rescued. Pluto should still rely on our Franci in the future. Now the straw hat regiment is already related to the two major ancient weapons in the world. It is undoubtedly that the third ancient weapon should also have something to do with Luffy.

The third largest ancient weapon -Uranus, Uranus in the ancient Greek mythology Uranus

The first conjecture of "King of Heaven" is ------ Tao Zhizhi (damn Tao Zhizhi)The reason is the following points.

First, Tao Zhizhu's identity is Yutian's son. Yutian has not worked in One Piece comic recently. Yutian was originally the heir who was famous for the kingdom of Hezhi, but because of his unrestrained doing things, his father and Yutian broke the relationship between his father and son, and Yutian ran away from the kingdom of harmony with the country. By 25 years later, I want to regain the country of peace today.

Second: The relationship between Tao Zhi help and Luffy, Luffy helped Tao Zhizhi to resume the country to come to the country of peace to conduct a big adventure. Now Tao Zhizhu and Luffy are all ally. From the previous plot, we know that Bai Xing With the help of Luffy, Princess Vivi made her country out of the rule of Alon and Laosha, so this time there should be no exception.

Third: This is the ability of Tao Zhizhu. Dragon Dragon Fruits, although very water, after all, it is a dragon, indicating that Taozhidu should be a king, at least in the setting. The strength is not inherited, and this lust is pretty good.

Fourth: When we were in the performance of the Lord, we knew in the performance of the Lord that this peach assistant should be able to wake up some powerful power. At that time, only Luffy and Taozhi heard the call of Xiang Lord. Maybe Tao Zhizhi was the key.

"Heavenly King" second conjecture -protagonist Luffy

We know that in Greek mythology, Uranos is the king of the gods. If all the pirates are God, Nami and the King of Heaven are One Piece. Our Luffy will definitely become One Piece, which is beyond doubt. We all know that our protagonist Luffy has a mysterious power is not his demon fruit. Someone mentioned during the war on the top, that is, the Eagle Eye: Say Luffy has the most terrible power in this sea. Luffy has a strong appeal to turn everyone into the help of their own road.

When he was very young, Hongfa entrusted his most cherished straw hat to Luffy. Luffy turned a crying Cabi into a powerful naval warrior, making the cute white star who loved crying. At the top of the war, all the captains regarded Luffy as the hope of rescue Ace, and they were opening the road for Luffy. Princess Alebastein Vivi became part of the help of Luffy. When I was in Tokushima, a straw hat pirate group was established. When the Murloc island agreed with Baixing, every place may be at the beginning. After flying, after a period of time, it can always turn the enemy as a friend. This power is not owned by everyone (called the protagonist halo haha), which is a kind of light.

Luffy, who has the will of D is a natural enemy who claims to be the Tianlong people, will be the resistance of the Tianlong people's rule of the world, bringing the existence of pirates, like a lamp constantly guiding the world to real justice, dawn is coming.

Everyone thinks that the king may be, welcome everyone's comments, thank you for your reading.