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Will this city be promoted to the third first -tier city of Guangdong, is it your hometown?

let's go! Kaile takes you to see the world, hello everyone! I am color.

When it comes to Guangdong Province, the friends may be very familiar. After all, after years of development, Guangdong Province is almost the strongest economy in the country. This title has been 29 years in a row and has two first -tier cities.

Such excellent achievements have given Guangdong a place in the country. Such a strong economic strength allows many provinces to just worship the wind. At present, there are two first -tier cities in Guangdong. This is also unique in the country. From the perspective of the current degree of development of Guangdong, a third first -tier city may be generated at any time. This city is Foshan.

Compared with here, the little friends are more familiar with the martial arts here, and they are close to the provincial capital of Guangzhou. With a variety of favorable conditions, it has developed very much. At the same time, Foshan is also the third largest city in Guangdong. In this bustling Pearl River Delta hinterland, in addition to Guangzhou, neighbors also have Zhongshan City. Such a geographical location is difficult to develop.

Moreover, Foshan is now my country's advanced manufacturing base, and it is also a very important economic manufacturing center in Guangdong. When everyone mentioned Foshan, they are often connected with Guangzhou. After all, these two cities are very close, and they have formed a Guangfo Economic Circle. In the Pearl River Delta economic circle, they also have a very important position.

Today, the development of Foshan City in Guangdong Province is also at the forefront, which is inseparable from Foshan's unique conditions. The total area of Foshan City is 3797 square kilometers, and the permanent population is increasing. At least 7.35 million people are now. Last year's GDP reached more than 950 billion yuan. 8%.

The 950 billion GDP has full confidence in Foshan's future development. This year, it has set a goal of exceeding trillion. I believe that Foshan can also achieve this goal well this year.

Foshan, this city is very complete in terms of transportation, education, culture and other aspects. The hope of becoming the third first -tier city in Guangdong in the future is still very large. Although there are some discordant voices, the future of Foshan will still be in the future of Foshan. Better, what do you say?

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